Beyond Carbon Neutral

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Climate change is the defining challenge of our age. At best, it threatens to disrupt everything about our society, while at worst it could destroy everything we've worked to build. How we respond to climate change in the coming decades will define what the world looks like for our descendants, and rising to that challenge requires a comprehensive approach. Beyond Carbon Neutral is a book that lays out such a complete strategy for reversing climate change. Broken into three parts, the book lays out the steps we need to take to avert catastrophe.

The first outlines how we can re-build our power grid using wholly renewables sources using only the technology we have right now. It details how we can use the abundant solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power across the United States, all balanced by day-to-day and seasonal energy storage. But that's only half of the problem.

The second part of the book is dedicated to ultimately reversing the damage, not just preventing the problem from getting worse. Our options for geoengineering and artificial methods to remove carbon dioxide are scrutinized to determine what will actually get us back to normal.

Neither of those tasks are possible unless we marshal societal institutions to get it done. Part three shows how business, the government, and the reader must contribute to implementing climate solutions. Throughout the book, discussions of how society needs to adapt to these changes are presented, ranging from our consumption habits to how we view the environment.


“Our hope to reverse climate change rests on acting together, acting decisively, and—most importantly—acting quickly. This cannot be an ad hoc affair if we mean to effectively marshal the resources we need.”

- Beyond Carbon Neutral

Praise for Beyond Carbon Neutral

"Scientists are doing great work investigating climate change. Conversely, engineering efforts to find overall solutions are lacking. Dr. Goodman’s excellent book addresses this critical gap and presents the first practical, integrated U.S. solution to global warming." - Dick Hutchinson, PhD, author of People’s Assessment of Global Warming

“This book covers all the pieces of responding to climate change very well, and I have a high regard for its accuracy. You will learn a lot reading it. The world certainly needs lots of timely help such as this.” - Eric Grimsrud, PhD, author of Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen, and Grandpa on Climate Change

“In my search for information on the viability of climate solutions, I have labored through many books. Most are absent the structure that Sam Goodman brings. In Beyond Carbon Neutral, Sam applies six guiding policies in rational arguments for five-year critical deployments in phase one, ten-year elimination of fossil fuels in phase two, and complete decarbonization by 2050 in phase three. I have wondered about the feasibility of decarbonizing by 2050. Beyond Carbon Neutral gives me hope that we can do it.” - Tom Rehm, PhD, Inaugural Chair AIChE Climate Solutions Community

“Goodman’s harrowing account of the dangers of climate change are story-like — but he never veers away from the dangers of inaction. However, he brilliantly reminds us that all is not lost, that there is hope for a better future.” - Zev Burton, Author of Two Fish in a Tank

“This interesting read from Samuel Goodman is a message in hope - that there is still time. A very different approach to understanding climate change, he helps us understand that we have all we need to preserve this planet for future generations. Read on to be inspired to act.” - Rahul Prakash, Author of Unblocking Blockchain


Books and Stuff Reviews "Goodman lays out practical ideas for an adult conversation. Not whining, not complaining, but actual ideas to start and contribute to the conversations we needed to have ten years ago. "